Viral products built by and for the community

Our mission is to bridge the gap between open-source protocols and the next 1 billion users of Web3.

About Motley DAO


Motley DAO is a Web3 consortium of rebels, builders, and creators. Together, we are building an ecosystem of super-applications that put ownership and rewards in the hands of the community.

Our vision is to foster an equitable, diverse, and transparent internet that rewards creative and collaboration across communities.

What We're Building

Night Market

The home of Solana NFTs, owned by the community. Earn our governance token, SAUCE for being involved in the ecosystem.

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Motley Friends

Motley’s genesis NFT collection. The 10,000 Motley Friends represent our global community of rebels. Stake your Motley Friends NFT to earn SAUCE token, which grants access to the DAO.



SAUCE is the governance token of Motley DAO. Use SAUCE to vote on the future of the Motley ecosystem, and earn rewards for contributing to our collective success.



Partnered with spectacular protocols & teams on Solana

  • Cardinal
  • Holaplex
  • Bridgesplit
  • Realms
  • GenesysGo
  • Dispatch
  • Mirror World
  • Zebec Protocol
  • Notifi
  • Dialect
  • SharkyFi
  • SolSniper
  • Elixir
  • Hadeswap
  • Hydra
  • Jupiter


We are honored to have investors who believe in the vision of Community Ownership, Collaboration, and Composability.

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